About us

s one of the earliest wooden floor manufacturer in China,  

Head office in Guangzhou, China.

It’s professional in developing, production and marketing of the wooden flooring and home decoration products, including the installation service for the customer.

We are operating  hundreds of store with brand “Matchless” in south of China.

Contact us


Phone/Tel: (+ 86) 020-8363, 3106

(+ 86) 020-8363, 3234

(+ 86) 020-8363, 4881

Fax/Fax: (+ 86) 020-8363, 4858

Email/E - mail: [email protected]

Marketing center address: guangdong guangzhou baiyun district big Jin Zhonglu kanazawa building, room 205

Manufacturing center address: guangdong guangzhou nansha district LanHe Town great depression of the early industrial zone sea road no. 3

Zip code: 510405

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